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If Methadone is taken in large amounts, it will produce some side effects similar to Heroin. These side effects include confusion, drowsiness, nausea, apathy, vomiting, constricted pupils and suppression of breathing reflexes. If taken to excess, it can lead to coma and death. 486 people died in 2010 (Independant News Group – Wesley Johnson) from using Methadone. The deaths are now sadly on the increase as there are more people using Methadone from ages 19 to 59 years old. Some Heroin addicts become reliant on Methadone while other Heroin addicts are selling on their doses. It has street names of Meth, Linctus and Mixture.

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My experiences

Risks, Methadone. I have spent time with a lot of Heroin addicts, and they all have the same thing about Methadone. They all claim it is the worst drug they have ever taken. They all claim it gets right into your bones. Unlike Heroin, It takes ages to detox from Methadone. They also claim it is the worst drug to use to detox from Heroin. There is an alternative call Subutex, but the problem with Subutex is, you need to be clean for 36 hours before it can be given to help detoxing, and most addicts do not want to be rattling for that long. There are other drugs which can be used for detoxing from Heroin. Such as DF 118 known as DF’s. These are an opiate based pain killer and taken regularly and slowly reduced will detox a Heroin addict. Never try to detox yourself as it can be fatal. Always seek medical advice.

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