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Methadone Addiction - Rehab Centres



Video. Here is an introductory video into ADUS Healthcare. This is just an indication of what to expect from a rehab centre. Some centres have less than what is stated in the video, (which cost less to stay there), while other centres offer more (but cost much more to stay there).

What we offer

Video.  This video runs through some of the things we offer. We have drug and alcohol rehab centres available all over the UK , and we have a vast amount of programs to suit everyone and all budgets. We also offer a collection service which basically means we can collect you from anywhere in the UK, and take you to the rehab centres.

Opening times

Here at ADUS Healthcare we are open all the time. That is 24 hours a day including Bank Holidays and Christmas. We know when a client has made his mind up, and  he wants to give up the substance they are addicted to. There is only a small window of opportunity to get them into a rehab centre for help before they feel that it’s not so bad and carry on. We get calls all through the night and day everyday and every call is welcomed by a trained member of staff. You will always find a trained member of staff at the end of our phone lines.

What the video did not say

ADUS Healthcare is a none profit making company. All the money we receive goes back into making the company a stronger place. We also invest heavily into domain names so as clients can find us more easily.  Here are some of the resent domain names we have invested in: – – – – just to name a few. We have also invested into transport to get clients to rehab centres across the uk.

So to sum up, ADUS Healthcare is ready to help anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction. We know we can save you£1000’s compared to some companies as we have been saving hundreds of people £1000’s every year since we opened in 2009.

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